Here is a collection of resources for all atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, skeptics, and the non-religious.
For all kinds of websites pertaining to atheism, keep reading.

Here is just a taste of what the Internet has to offer; if you go to and do a search on just the word "atheist" or "atheism," you will encounter literally thousands of pages!  These are just some of the good ones we've seen, and if you have a link you'd like to add or any of these don't work, please email the webmaster.


HOME's Atheist/Agnostic Page
Atheist Network
No Superstitions. No Delusions

The Church of Reality
~ If it's real - we believe in it! ~


Godless Parents
Infidel Guy
secweb-3 - Umbrella group for the Treasure Valley Secular Organizations